Photo by George Vardakis

Photo by George Vardakis



Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki are a Greek photographic duo, living in Crete. Mary holds an MA degree and Panos has a PhD. They are intrigued by the potential of the photographic art to act as a research tool that integrates the inherent evidential nature of the medium, with emotions and the human perspective. Their artistic work combines a strong personal approach with that of documentary and conceptual practices. They like to be committed to long-term projects, immersing into their subjects. They practice photography in order to understand. This procedure simultaneously serves -in parallel- their artistic expression. They are both co-founders of “The Provinces” collaborative platform.

  • Panos Charalampidis:

2008 # PhD in Environmental Engineering, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean.

2000 # B.Sc. in School of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Mary Chairetaki:

2009 # M.A. in Graphic Arts - Multimedia, School of Applied Arts, Hellenic Open University

2002 # B.Sc. in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic School of the University of Patras

  • Exhibitions / Projections:

2019-6 # Group exhibition, “Forgotten Places”, St Annes square, Belfast Photo Festival

2019-4 # Group exhibition, “The Provinces”, curated by Kostas Ioannidis, Nikol Leventi and The Provinces team, TAF / the art foundation, Athens.

2019-2 # Group exhibition, “Apocalypse: Then and Now”, curated by Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos, The Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, New York

2019-2 # Group exhibition, “Re-thinking environment”, curated by Nina Kasssianou, DL gallery, Athens

2018-11 # “Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable” video projection during GESTE 2018 Binary/Non-Binary

2018-4 # Group exhibition, selected artists after the international open call "Links", San José Foto 2018, curated by Nicolás Janowski

2017-12 # "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" during “ANTHROPOCENIC MINDSCAPES” projection, Angkor Photo Festival &  Workshops 2017. Video curated by Anshika Warma

2017-11 # Group exhibition, "Crete: Stories from the Edge", Medphoto Festival 2017-18, curated by Marinos Tsagkarakis, EFEK, Heraklion

2016-11 # Solo exhibition, "Second Chance", curated by E. Mouzakiti and L. Papanikolatos, Monitor Fest, Cultural and Conference Centre of Heraklion, Heraklion

2015-6 # Solo exhibition, "Second Chance", Athens Photo Festival 2015 curated by E. Mouzakiti and L. Papanikolatos, Fouar Gallery

2014-8 # Solo exhibition, "Plateau" Cultural Community Centre of st. Konstantinos , Lasithi Plateau

2014-4 # S2019olo exhibition, "Conceptions", EFE, Mytilini

  • Publications / others:

2019-6 # "second chance" book, in " Plateau 034 / An exploration of Greek self-published photobooks" excibition, part of APhF:19 Satellite Programme

2019-6 # "Cornucopia" featured online in dodho

2019-5 # “Cornucopia” 3rd place for the 2019 Verzasca Foto Award, Nera di Verzasca prize

2019-4 # “Cornucopia” among the winning projects of the Belfast Photo Festival Open Submission 2019

2019-4 # "Cornucopia" selected to be included in the first edition of FRESH EYES

2019-2 # “Cornucopia“ featured in Ignant

2019-2 # “Cornucopia“ shortlisted for the GOMMA GRANT 2018

2019-1 # “Cornucopia” featured in Aint-Bad

2019-1 # ”Cornucopia” featured in Another Place

2018-12 # “Cornucopia” featured in Velvet eyes.

2018-7 # "gardens of oblivion" (plateau) receives honourable mention at MONOVISIONS AWARDS 2018

2018-5 # "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" featured in PhotogrVphy  

2018-3 # "Cornucopia" featured in New Landscape Photography

2018-2 # "Cornucopia" in the final 50 list of Guernsey Photography Festival international photography competition

2017-11 # A photograph from project "cornucopia" was featured during November Der Greif Guest Room online exhibition curated by Susan Bright

2017-11 # "cornucopia" was among the top 100 submissions shortlisted for the final round of reviews of the 2017 Tokyo International Photography Competition

2017-10 # "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" nominee, PHOTOGRVPHY GRANT

2017-4 # "second chance" featured on Phosmag

2017-3 # "cornucopia" featured on Ignant

2017-3 # "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" shortlisted candidate, Grand Prix Images Vevey 2017/2018

2017-2 # "cornucopia" featured in Phosmag

2017-1 # “plateau” featured on Graphicart-News

2016-10 # “second chance” book featured in Self Publish Be Happy

2016-7 # "cornucopia" featured on Fraction magazine

2016-6 # "second chance" book, APhF:16 Photobook Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens

2016-4 # Self Publication of "second chance" book

2016-2 # Featured on Whitelight Rooms

2015-12 # "Second Chance" featured on GUP MAGAZINE

2015-6 # Catalogue of Month of European Photography, Athens, ISBN: 9786185183004

2012 # Panoptikon 13×13 project catalog, ART/IF/ACT, Greece

2011-6 # "Monitor" magazine, coverpage, issue 031, Greece


If you have any questions regarding our work, please feel free to contact us.

Telephone numbers: +30 6974046304 / +30 6978175044