December 2018: “Cornucopia” featured in Velvet eyes.

November 2018: Our project “Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable” is in the Series Shortlist of GESTE 2018 Binary/Non-Binary.

29 July 2018: "gardens of oblivion" (plateau) receives honourable mention at MONOVISIONS AWARDS 2018.

11 May 2018: "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" featured in PhotogrVphy.  

New landscape photography small.jpg

1 March 2018: "Cornucopia" featured in New Landscape Photography.


17 February 2018: "Cornucopia" is in the final 50 list of Guernsey Photography Festival international photography competition.

San Jose Foto 2018 small.jpg

3 February 2018: We are among the artists selected for this edition of San José Foto curated by Nicolás Janowski, after the Open Call 2018 "Links".

Der greif_Susan Bright Nov2017 small.jpg

28 November 2017: A photograph from project "cornucopia" was featured during November Der Greif Guest Room online exhibition curated by Susan Bright. 

15 November 2017: Our work video "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" will be part of the evening projection “ANTHROPOCENIC MINDSCAPES”. Video curated by Anshika Warma on December 9, 2017, part of the Angkor Photo Festival &  Workshops 2017.

Medphoto site 1.jpg

7 November 2017: Part of a group exhibition to be held (10 November - 11 December 2017) during Medphoto Festival 2017. Inauguration: Saturday 11 November 2017, 20:00.  More informations at our Exhibitions page.

22 October 2017: "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" conceptual nominee at PHOTOGRVPHY GRANT

photogrvphy grant 2017 small.jpg

27 April 2017: The project "second chance " is featured on Phosmag.

25 March 2017: "Cornucopia" on Ignant.

20 March 2017: "Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable" shortlisted candidate during Grand Prix Images Vevey 2017/2018

8 February 2017: The project "Cornucopia " is featured on Phosmag by Chiara Raffo.

5 January 2017: Project "Plateau" is featured on graphicart-news by Maria Papaefstathiou.

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26 October 2016: Our book "second chance" is featured on Self Publish Be Happy.

23 October 2016: Exhibition to be held (4-6 November 2016), during the Monitor Φεστ 2016. More informations at our Exhibitions page

5 July 2016: The project "cornucopia" is featured on Fraction magazine issue #88

16 June 2016: Our book "second chance" is on display at the APhF:16 Phonebook Exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens

3 Feb 2016: Our work is featured in WHITELIGHT ROOMS

24 Dec 2015: "second chance" is featured on GUP magazine.

Exhibition to be held, as part of the Satellite Programme of Athens Photo Festival 2015. More informations at our Exhibitions page

Participation in the Panoptikon 13x13 project and the related book printed by blurb


Cover page, monitor magazine, issue #031, June 30 2011