Uruguay: Links - Group exhibition


Curated by: Nicolás Janowski

Duration: 6 April - 8 April 2018

Main square and the San José cultural space

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Angkor Photo Festival &  Workshops 2017

Curated by: Anshika Warma

December 9, 2017

Siem Reap, Angkor Photo Festival &  Workshops, BAMBU STAGE

Crete: Stories from the Edge - Group exhibition

Medphoto 2017-2018

Curated by: Marinos Tsagkarakis

Duration: Saturday 11 November - 10 December 2017

Visiting hours:  Monday - Friday, Sunday 18.00 - 20.00

                           Saturday 10.00 - 13.00 and 18.00 - 20.00

EFEK - Doukos Mpofor 20, Heraklion, Crete

Second Chance

Monitor Φεστ 2016

Curated by: Eleni Mouzakiti – Lambros Papanikolatos

Duration: Friday 4 November – Sunday 6 November 2016

Visiting hours:  10:30 - 23:00

Cultural and Conference Centre of Heraklion
Plastira Avenue 10

Second Chance

Athens Photo Festival 2015 as part of the Satellite Exhibitions

Curated by: Eleni Mouzakiti – Lambros Papanikolatos

Inauguration: Wednesday 17 June, 20:30

Duration: Wednesday 17 June – Thursday 2 July 2015 

Mitropoleos 72 & Christopoulou 7
105 55 Athens
T +30 210 3211381

For many of us some things, like the completion of primary education at a young age, are considered as given. For others though, adverse circumstances have thwarted their plans. People, of any age, under the burden of the current economic crisis and unemployment, decide to return to school, in order to obtain a degree. These students vary; they are involved –besides obtaining the necessary qualifications- in a personal struggle with time, they try to win back the lost opportunity, they attempt to redefine themselves or even to fulfill the expectations of their loved ones.

The “Second Chance” is a personal project that began 8 months ago in the SCS (Second Chance School) of Mytilene. It consists of a series of anonymous portraits of pupils (Greeks and immigrants), teachers, as well as photographs of the school area. In this way, we recorded the school ecosystem and its ramifications. We took pictures of objects and we collected student manuscripts, answering questions about their past and their hopes for the future, which, in some cases, constitute comprehensive confessions on their lives and recollections.

In our photos we depict, literally or figuratively, our relation to this world. Each one of these portraits presents the person we met through a special relationship with him and not just his image. At the same time, in an attempt to share a part of our own lives, we created, in collaboration with the SCS, a photography workshop, in which a small group of students participated. This process enabled us to change and, from observers of this world, to become part of it.

 For the video and pictures of the second chance exhibition click the button:


Inauguration: Sunday 3 August 2014, 18:00

Duration: Sunday 3 August – Saturday 16 August 2014

Cultural community centre of st. Konstantinos village, Lasithi Plateau

It has been a busy period. Lasithi plateau has been a constant inspiration for the last five years. Situated at 850m ASL and surrounded by mountains, is a place of sheer beauty. The plateau is scattered by the remains of wind-pumps, a glimpse of its old glory when 13,000 of these white-sailed pumps dominated the view. The event is held at the cultural center of st. Konstantinos village and exhibits only a part of our B/W work. This is a story of the winter, the first daylight and mist. The plateau is also about the people living there and their struggle to harvest this land while keeping pace with the 21 century. But this is a story to be told in the near future …

+ ληψεις /  conceptions

Inauguration: Monday 7 April 2014, 19:30

Duration: Monday 7 April – Thursday 10 April 2014

Mytilini Photographic Society building, Mytilini

This is our first common portraiture exhibition. It was held until the 14th of April 2014.